The Creatives on the Rise podcast, hosted by LaTecia Johnson, is the premier podcast for creative entrepreneurs who want to learn how to level up their output + turn their side hustles into full-throttle careers. 

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LaTecia Johnson - Official Bio

LaTecia Johnson, better known as LaTecia Rising, is a writer, podcaster and creative entrepreneur bridging the gap between art, music, and technology. As Founder + CEO of Visionary Rising, she serves the multi-layered needs of underrepresented brands, creatives, and influencers. Through Visionary Rising she helps brands reach the audiences they covet by establishing authentic connections and strategic partnerships with content curators. She has been featured as a subject matter expert in publications such as Blavity, TechCrunch and Medium, because of her experience with brands such as Nielsen Media, Microsoft, and Apple Music enabling LaTecia to connect the important elements of brand strategy without losing the essence of what, or who, they represent. 

About the Podcast

The Creatives on the Rise Podcast is the creative community you've always wanted to be a part of but didn't know where to look.  LaTecia has created a space where listeners can come together to learn, grow, and educate themselves on the ins + outs of navigating a career in the creative industries whether as a freelancer, creator, entrepreneur, or part-time side hustler, think of LaTecia as the creative mentor on your journey to level up. 

Examining themes such as entrepreneurship, self-development, mental health + wellness, and so much more, LaTecia and guests of the podcast uncover what it takes to lead a creative life and make a living on their own terms. 


CREATIVES ON THE RISE is a top entrepreneurship podcast, lifestyle podcast, mindset podcast, and inspirational podcast for creatives.  At the core, Creatives on the Rise is a space where all are welcomed and supported to live their best life and pursue the creative calling in their hearts.  My mission is to inspire and empower you as a creator while keeping you focused on monetizing your platform and transitioning into the ever-evolving creator economy. 

This community is full of visionary creatives just like you who are smart, focused, passionate, and always seeking to realize their full potential in every aspect of life. 

Through Creatives on the Rise, I promise to always deliver realistic conversations, points of view, and insights that will empower you and elevate you to the next level.  I promise to remain vigilant of anyone who would wish you to use this platform as simply a means for exposure, and to only bring you guests, partners, content, and resources that will help you to achieve your goals.  I commit to showing up for you, and with you, while we do the work to transform our lives and grow together. 

Now that you know the story...

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Meet LaTecia 

Hi, I'm LaTecia.  I grew up in Tampa, Florida, before it was cool.  I was always seen as the "ambitious one" amongst my friends because I had lofty goals and consistently planned them out.  Even as a kid, I had BIG dreams of moving away to pursue my purpose - so much so, that at 21, I did just that.  I moved to Dallas, Texas, to pursue my love for the creative arts while working a corporate job.  While I learned a lot during that time, one of the things that struck me the most was that doing anything outside of what you've been called to do will eat away at your spirit if you don't follow it through.  I made the tough decision to quit my job in 2010 and go "all in" on my dreams.  A year later, I moved back to Tampa with two suitcases, a laptop, and a lot of lessons.  I started freelancing that same year, doing whatever jobs I could to build my portfolio while working toward my dream of one day opening an agency of my own.   Through my freelancing work, I was offered an opportunity at a tech company in 2013, and the rest is history. 

There have been quite a few false starts on my journey, but thankfully I never quit, and in 2016, I launched Visionary Rising Agency, a full-scale creative agency, and later moved to Austin thanks to my work in tech.  Since 2017, I've been able to scale the agency over $1 Million in revenue, consult for other companies, and build my career as a technologist.  I know what it takes to make the transition because I've done it and I also know how it is to make the transition because I've been there.  I started Creatives on the Rise as a way to connect with all the creators out there who want to make a difference but don't know where to start.  This is your resource.  This is our community.