EPISODE 12 - "Walk It Like I Talk It" with Jonlouis Gonzalez (Jonlouis Studios)

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

In this week's episode, I sit down with one of my favorites visual artists + painter, Jonlouis, of Jonlouis Studios in Miami, FL. Jonlouis grew up in Melbourne, FL, affectionately called the "space-coast" because of the sheer number of rocket launches that take place - influenced by that, his first series premiered at Art Basel in 2014. After going to Miami on vacation, Jonlouis saw an opportunity and grabbed it! From there, he hustled his way into opportunities with NASA, a solo show at NYA Gallery in Tribeca, showcases on VH1, and taking on art projects with Saks Fifth Avenue while curating window displays in Miami’s Brickell City Centre.

I talked to Jonlouis about his journey from selling $80 prints, to being commissioned for pieces that retail WAYYY above that, and what he has in store as his star continues to rise.

Also in this episode:

- Lessons on the importance of locking in

- Breaking the habit of "perception based" anything

- Things creators can do to ensure they aren't exploited by brands

- Reasons why every check doesn't always have to be accepted

Featured links: Jonlouis Studios - Constellation Foundation Buzz Aldrin Family Foundation White Porch Gallery R House Wynwood Space For Art Foundation

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