EPISODE 14: "Genius Level Talent" with Brianna DeMayo of Taste Creators

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

In this episode , I talk about the power of discovering your inner genius as a creative entrepreneur (realization), identifying the habits preventing you from getting to the next level and what you can do to break the habits in order to manifest the creative career you desire.

I also sit down with Brianna DeMayo, the founder of Taste Creators, a full service agency aimed at helping artists and their teams have successful careers on their own terms. With a decade of artist development and marketing experience, Brianna has coached, represented and booked hundreds of artists and aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the globe, including artists like Casey Veggies, China Mac, and many more. 

Known for her music industry knowledge, Brianna's articles have been spread by industry leaders such as ASCAP, CDBaby and Wendy Day, as well as enabled her to speak at numerous panels and festivals including A3C Festival in Atlanta. Through Taste Creators, Brianna works hands on with artists and their teams to build their brands, create marketing strategies, solidify press to grow their audience, and set up their sales funnels so that they can make money doing what they love.  The epitome of hustle + heart, our conversation runs the gamut covering everything from trends artists should keep an eye out to proper DM etiquette when approaching industry professionals, and why having a strategy is the BEST thing creative entrepreneurs can do for themselves into today's digital climate. 

Also discussed: 

· Importance of being coachable

· Lessons learned from past failures 

· Setting Expectations, and

· Learning to speak the Industry’s Language

· Upcoming projects from Brianna & Taste Creators


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